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Special Effects and Special Purpose coatings

Sometimes a coating with a "special effect" is in order. These effects span the range from metallics, irridescents, transparents, fluorescents or phosphoresents. If you want your coating to sparkle, shine, or glow, we can put the package together to get the effect you want.

Texture is another desired effect. Whether a wrinkle, soft touch, non-skid, or spatter effect is requested, Wurdack has experience in formulating these effects creating quality coatings for our clients.

Wurdack special coating effectsMulti-color, crackle, and spatter finishes with a variety of effects may be developed for any application.

Some coatings require a specialized purpose, as an insulator, as a conductive coating, or as a tie-coat between two differing surfaces. These products can all be designed from the ground up for your specific needs. When that coating needs a bit of give, elastomeric coatings for a variety of functions are also in our skill set.

Some purposes such as specific types of reflectance, weather or water resistance, to list a few, are not in the vocabulary of standard coatings companies. Frequently the development cost exceeds the benefits for the large companies, but this is where we really hit the mark. We excell in rising to the challenge, and in so doing, produce some pretty cool stuff!