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Green Coatings

Wurdack goes GreenFor over two decades Wurdack has recognized the need to produce coatings that are more earth-friendly. For new customers this is always the starting point in the evaluation of potiential coatings systems. For existing coatings it continues to be a priority to guide our customers to newer technology that has a more benign effect on the earth.

Back in the beginning the technology was a bit behind the times, as the demand had not reached the level to drive research and development, but those times have changed. With more and more companies jumping on the "green" bandwagon, the options and quality of choices have truly expanded.

Additional benefits of such coatings include reduced insurance cost and an added marketing benefit to the end product. Doing well by doing good is a great goal regardless of its effect on the bottom line. Let us help in this effort, and in all probability even the bottom line will be enhanced.